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Weekly Sunday School Lesson

Fall Quarter 2022

Lesson 4 The Scepter Given to Judah

Devotional Reading: Numbers 24:2-9, 15-17

Background Scripture: Genesis 35:22b-26; 38:12-19, 24-26; 49:8-12
Todays Scripture: Genesis 35:22b-26; 38:24-26; 49:8--10-12

Lesson Aims

After participating in this lesson, each learner will be able to:

1. Summarize the structure of Jacob’s family.

2. Explain the connections among the three sections of the lesson text. 

3. State a way to overcome a family dysfunction for increased service to the Lord.

How to Say It

Bilhah Bill-ha.

Ephraim Ee-fray-im.

Ephrath Ef-rath.

Gad Gad (a as in bad).

Issachar Izz-uh-kar.

Manasseh Muh-nass-uh.

Naphtali Naf-tuh-lee or Naf-tuh-lye. (both are correct)

Shiloh Shy-low.

Tamar Tay-mer.

Zebulun Zeb-you-lun.

Zilpah Zil-pa.

Standard Lesson Commentary NIV (2022-2023)

Previous Weeks Lessons can be found in the archives and are password protected. Students can get the password from their Sunday School Teacher or by sending a request to the pastor. Passwords change from time to time, and only the Current Quarter is available to Bible students of Harbingers of Truth Christian Church.

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