The Harbingers Of Truth Christian Church.
 A Church Without Doors

For The Glory of God, Foretelling the coming of 
the King Of Kings. Luke 17: 22-32

Join us on Harbingers of Truth Radio for our annual presentation of. "The 12 Voices of Christmas" Airing daily through Christmas at 6:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 4:30 PM, 9:30 PM  A New Voice added daily. Then enjoy christian and traditional Christmas music between airings of the drama. Click here to listen online

  1. Day One Dec. 13 Gabriel Voice of Disclosure
  2. Day Two Dec. 14   Zacharias  Voice of Disbelief
  3. Day Three Dec. 15 Elizabeth  Voice of Blessing
  4. Day Four Dec. 16 John  Voice of Preparation
  5. Day Five Dec. 17 Mary  Voice of Wonder
  6. Day Six Dec. 18 Joseph  Voice of Reason
  7. Day Seven Dec. 19 Angels  Voice of Praise
  8. Day Eight Dec. 20 Shepherds  Voice of Deceleration
  9. Day Nine Dec. 21 Anna  Voice of Thanksgiving
  10. Day Ten Dec. 22 Simeon  Voice of Peace
  11. Day Eleven Dec. 23 Herod Voice of Deception
  12. Day Twelve Dec. 24 Wise Men  Voice of Adoration
Merry Christmas. Today is the last day to hear this awesome drama in its entirety. We hope you have been blessed by this presentation and the Christmas music. If you accepted Christ as your personal Savior as a result of this drama we would love to here from you and make sure you have resources in your new walk with Christ including a FREE Bible. Please use the contact form and drop us a line. We are in the process of upgrading out website and moving to a New server so watch for the launch after the first of the year. God bless you.