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Biblically Based Radio Dramas

From Time to time, the Harbingers of Truth Radio will air drams from Christian organizations such as Woodrow Kroll and Back to the Bible, Focus on the Family, and others on our Radio Station. We do not claim any ownership, nor provide a way for listeners to download or reproduce for sale any of the material we air. We do however encourage our listeners to prayerfully consider a donation to said organizations and provide links to their websites.  If we are airing a radio drama you will find the information about the drama and schedule here.

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The Twelve Voices of Easter

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to our annual airing of Back to the Bible "The 12 Voices of Easter" on Harbingers of Truth Radio. Join us as we listen to the Easter story's voices, including Judas, Peter, The Chief Priest, Caiaphas, Pilate, The Mob, The Theif, The Centurion, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalen, Cleopas and Thomas. - each had a voice in the Easter story. Join us each day, Mornings at 8:00 am, Afternoons at Noon, Midday at 4:00 pm, or Evenings at 9:00 pm, A new Voice is added daily, beginning 3/19 through Resurrection Sunday and all day on Easter.

Order of Voices

 1. Judas - Voice of Betrayal 3/19

 2. Peter - Voice of Denial 3/20

 3. Chief Priest- Voice of Deception 3/21

 4. Caiaphas - Voice of Condemnation 3/22

 5. Pilate - Voice of Evasion 3/23

 6. The Mob - Voices of Hatred 3/24

 7.  The Thief - Voice of Faith 3/25

 8.  The Centurion - Voice of Affirmation 3/26

 9.  Joseph of Arimathea - Voice of Courage 3/27

10. Mary Magdalene - Voice of Adoration 3/28

11. Cleopas - Voice of Assurance 3/29

12. Thomas - Voice of Doubt 3/30

3/31 Happy Resurrection Sunday Drama play all day to honor the Living Saviour, The Lamb of God.

Beginning Maundy Thursday we will air all voices to date.

adding the finale two voices on Good Friday and Holy Saturday

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