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Harbingers of Truth Christian Store

Welcome to the Harbingers Of Truth Christian Store. To help defray the cost of running this website, featuring a live streaming Christian Radio Station, and the cost of Bibles given to new believers who have accepted Christ as their personal savior, or have requested one through the prayer line and may not be able to afford one on their own, we respectfully ask that if you are in the market for one of the products offered here, or if you simply want to help support the ministry and get a great product in return for that support, that you prayerfully consider purchasing through our web site. 

Some items you can purchase in our store and help our ministry include Bibles, Christian Books, Movies, Gifts and more. We will be adding more and more products to our store in the weeks and months that lie ahead, but if there is something that you are planning on purchasing right now, that you let us know so we can help you find it and add to our store so you may purchase through us and support the ministry.

The Harbingers Of Truth Organization uses all proceeds from items purchased here to cover the expenses of Web Hosting, Internet Streaming fees, CCLI License fees, etc. to provide you free streaming radio 24 hours a day, 365 Days a Year. We also ask that if you really enjoy the Albums and Songs streamed on our radio program, that you consider supporting these Christian artists by purchasing the CD or individual tracks through our store. Thank you for your support and may God Bless You.

We have designed some promotional products to help you to show your support for the Harbingers of Truth Christian Church The suggested love offering covers our cost for the materials to be produced in small quantities, the shipping cost to get the products to you and a small donation to support the ongoing efforts of our ministry. 

The promotional products we offer are not meant to replace financial support for the ministry but to offer our supporters something in return for their most generous support. As with any religious organization, there is a cost involved with the day to day operation of the organization and we need financial support to continue our operation and meet our bills. Please prayerfully consider how you can help us to meet our expenses and keep us on the air. God Bless you.

Harbingers of Truth Pens
For a Love Offering of Just $10.00, show your support for The Harbingers of Truth every time you fill out your tithe envelope or need to jot down a note with this stylish Pen.
This fine writing instrument is designed to match our website
Features the church's tag line, Our Web address and our telephone number for handy reference. 
Mouse Pad
For a Love Offering of Just $15.0o, Professional and practical, our Harbinger of Truth custom mouse pads adds a personal touch to your home or office. We added our website header logo and church tagline to create a fun gift Black Background with the website address. Order one for home and office and another to give away. Large surface area -- ideal for all mouse types
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