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I have had a lot of people ask if we have recordings of our sermons so I have decided to do so starting September 18th, 2022 with our Fall Kick-off Campaign and the "Hope is Here" Sermon Series.  Because of Copyrights, we password-protect the recordings and do not stream them outside the church website. We allow viewing for members who may have had to miss a Sunday service and folks who contact us and expressly ask for access to a sermon. These sermons are available for a short period of time and will change from time to time. to limit the storage fees paid by the church to store sermons.

If you would like a passcode to listen to a particular sermon. Please contact us and request a passcode to the sermon you would like to hear and we will send it to you. Each sermon has a unique passcode so when you contact us, please be sure to include the sermon title on the link buttons to the left.

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